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Consultations for Home or Business:

  1. Review existing furnishings and/or any changes anticipated.
  2. Suggestions of possible color combinations are made. By the process of elimination, we narrow the choices down until we get the perfect color for each room.
  3. Special attention is made to your needs and color preferences.
  4. The balance and flow of colors from room to room is carefully considered and adjustments made.
  5. A written color schedule is prepared for each room that includes paint type and color for ceiling, woodwork, and walls.
  6. The paint schedule is reviewed so that everything is clearly understood.
  7. Large paint sample sheets are ordered and sent directly to you from the paint manufacturer. The tiny swatches that paint stores give out are much too small to give you a sense of how the color will look in your room.
  8. Contact Miriam to make an appointment to tour home or office.
  9. Payment for consultations arrangements should be made when appointment is made.

Consultations can be made for one room or a whole house.

Consultation Process

Consultation Process

Call 201-837-6157 or contact Miriam to learn how she can help.