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Cloud Forest Ecuador

Feb 16, 20150 CommentsAccent Colors

We saw hundreds of Hummingbirds in the Cloud Forest. Here are a few pictures. My favorite was the one that looks like it is wearing furry slippers. I call him “fuzzy feet.” Check our the iridescent colors, too.

Fuzzy Feet, Cloud Forest Ecuador

Hummingbird, Cloud Forest, Ecuador

Hummingbird, Cloud Forest, Ecuador

Each hummingbird had unique features from long long tails to long long beaks. The fast beating of their wings created the humming sound that buzzed around our heads. We felt so privileged to be able to witness this phenomenon. They would land on a feeder and drink the nectar for a few seconds, fly away only to reappear again and repeat the process. Because of all the energy they expend on the rapid wing fluttering they need to drink and eat a lot. All day.

A cloud forest is like a rain forest except that it is on a mountain. You can see much more sky. There is a lot of rain and moisture. Therefore, the vegetation is lush and green. There was a lot of moss and ferns.

We took several hikes to discover the flora and fauna. The trails were quite slippery from all the rain and we needed walking sticks to keep us on our feet. We saw the most unusual flowers. Here are a few examples.

Flower found in Cloud Forest

Yellow flower found in Cloud Forest Ecuador

Red Flower found in Cloud Forest Ecuador

Orange flower in Cloud Forest Ecuador

We felt so privileged and lucky to be able to visit this oasis of beauty and natural life.

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