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New Wall Unit with Media Center

Jun 23, 20150 CommentsAccent Colors, Case Studies, Wall Arrangments

I was asked to design a wall unit for a living room that included a media center. The client hated what she had on the wall and directed me to an use units from an Italian modular furniture company called Presotto. She sent me various catalogs to work from.

One of the most unusual and interesting furniture units was part of Presotto designlife 2014 catalog. Here’s how the company describes their furniture units called InclinART.

InclinART, an exclusive modular furniture system that changes the basic rules that govern furniture. Its axis becomes variable and the depths of the tops change with it, resulting in a new way of perceiving volumes: the tops are no longer parallel with the wall but slant towards the onlooker who can enjoy the new perspectives that result from the differing degrees of inclination.

3 modular wall units

3 modular wall units from Presotto








Above is an example of three units we chose for part of the wall. There are many sizes and shapes for these units and, therefore,  infinite possibilities for a design. In addition there are many finishes that these units can be ordered in. My clients room was white and dark gray. The wall the unit was going on was an accent wall painted a deep purple. We chose two finishes for the units. The one above is called Ecomalta which is a finish made from a water based mortar that has a subtle marbleized finish. We chose the whitest one.

The units underneath we made with a grey wood finish. The choices of color and finish seemed infinite and it was hard to choose. Here is a photo of the wood grained units. The bottom unit contains the BlueRay, VCR, and any other necessary equipment.

modular base units

The wall the unit is on was over 21 feet long. On one side the height was 14 feet and angled down to 10.5 feet. One the shorter side there was a window. We also had to place the TV in the right spot for easy viewing. That’s where I began the design. Here are some views of the final product.

2 tone modular wall units

Modular wall units

The client is thrilled with her new wall. The components are sophisticated, artistic, and simple in design. It looks great with the client’s furniture and color scheme. We understand that this is the first time InclinArt by Presotto has been installed in the US.

Here are before and after photos of the wall.

beforetwo tone modular wall units

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