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The Basement Playroom

Aug 16, 20120 CommentsAccent Colors, Case Studies

Here are some photos of the basement playroom I recently blogged about. The only change we made to the original color scheme was choosing a brick red instead of the red we had. The color was richer and warmer and was just the right accent to the cooler blue greys. It is Benjamin Moore HC-50 Georgian Brick.

As you can see the stairway down to the playroom is a lovely shade that looks great with the dark blue carpeting and grey tile. That color was Benjamin Moore 1619 Silver Mist a grey color with slight blue overtones. We used a deeper grey for the wall with windows 1621 Little Falls. But the thing that makes this room pop and look crisp and clean is the pure white paint we used on the woodwork and molding.

This is a room that will be appropriate for the children who are toddlers now and still look good as they grow older as well.  It is colorful and bright enough to be cheerful for little ones and sophisticated enough to feel right for teens and adults.