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The New Whitney Museum

Apr 28, 20150 CommentsAccent Colors

I went to the new Whitney Museum yesterday and just loved it. Inside and outside are both functional and beautiful. Before entering I walked around the building to see it from different perspectives.

The Whitney Museum


The Whitney Museum

The Whitney Museum

As you can see there are several terraces that overlook the city and the High Line. The High Line and the Museum begin at the same corner as reflected in the first picture and, I believe enhance each other. The angles and proportions of the building work perfectly with the neighborhood and the surrounding streets.

The views from the terraces are just spectacular. The placement of sculptures on the terraces are wonderful but the draw are the views. You can see the Freedom Tower, Empire State building, Chrysler Building and other New York landmarks all by turning your head. The color of the city, the old and new buildings all make these views exciting. For someone who visits the city all the time and is used to the sights, these views renewed my wonder and awe of the city.

View from the Whitney Museum

View from a terrace of the Whitney Musuem

View from a terrace of the Whitney Musuem

Now let’s enter and see the art. The Whitney’s permanent collection speaks for itself. But the curating and hanging of this first inaugural show is outstanding. I will only say that the choice of art and what was included in this show was selected carefully and with forethought.

The galleries are wonderfully lit with both natural and artificial light. No glares. The upper floor galleries are painted white but a soft white that uses the natural light from the windows and skylights to enhance the art. The lower floor galleries have painted walls that also help show off the art to the best advantage. Each piece of art has space to breathe and is grouped with other art that makes you take notice of each one. I took only one photo of a couple sitting on a bench in front of a George Segal sculpture. I loved the contrast between the living people and the plaster cast people. It seemed like they were having a dialog.

People at the Whitney

I am planning to go back again because in the few hours I was there I did not have time to see all the galleries in depth. Go to the new Whitney. It is a must see for art lovers.

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