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Freshen the Look of Old Bathrooms

Apr 17, 20140 CommentsBathrooms, Case Studies

The main floor had a powder room with yellow tiles halfway up the wall, a light blue tile floor, and a blue toilet. The clients were not going to remodel at this point but wanted a clean fresh look.  We did, however, change the old blue toilet to a new white one which made a big difference and improved the look of the room.  The client liked the idea of using wallpaper. I wanted something cheery that had lots of color that would compliment the yellow and blue tiles. We chose a pattern called “Lighthouse” made by Thibaut Limited Edition. The background is white which was important because of the white fixtures and because it would open up this small space with a lot of light. The ceiling and woodwork were also painted white. I recommended  the client  buy bright hand towels of various colors to liven up the room even more.

light house wallpaper powder room

The second bathroom upstairs had dark blue wall tiles and light blue floor tiles. All the fixtures were white. The client preferred painting over using wallpaper. My recommendation was to paint a white and light blue stripe picking up the color of the tiles on the floor and the white fixtures. Painting wide 10″ stripes would open up this narrow bathroom and give it some breath. Here again the ceiling and woodwork were painted white to give the room a bright and airy feel.

blue and white striped bathroom

The color of the blue we chose was Benjamin Moore 1674 Polar Sky.

1674 polar sky