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Ladies’ Room at the New Museum

Aug 13, 20150 CommentsBathrooms, blog

My first stop when visiting The New Museum in New York City yesterday was the ladies’ room. It’s good to get that out of the way before heading to the galleries. Iv’e been there many times before but yesterday the beauty and unique quality of this room struck me and I decided to photograph. It is not the newest design out, the fixtures are nothing special but the walls are fabulous. The New Museum was built in 2007 so the walls are 8 years old but a good design never gets old.

the ladies' room New Museum

The walls are tiled with small glass tiles in a large pattern of huge flowers. The tile colors range from dark to light gray to white with a turquoise background. They look great against the grey stall doors and floor. This design pops. The use of tiny tiles to create a large design is a great idea. The pixilated look that it creates is contemporary, perfect for the New Museum that shows the most cutting edge contemporary art.

Ladies' Room New Museum

The mirrors above the sinks on opposite sides of the wall give the flower design and infinite feel. Even the choice of using flowers for a contemporary art museum is so different. You would expect minimalism and you get abundance and exuberance. This next shot is the wall you see as you enter the room. It just knocks your socks off.

Ladies' Room New Museum

Thinking about it now I will try to get a look at the men’s room next time. I wonder what’s in there.

By the way, the art was fabulous, too.