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Painting with Red, Glazing with Red

Dec 31, 20110 CommentsBathrooms, Bedrooms, Case Studies, Dark Colors

Now that’s a scary thought. Actually, painting a room red can be a wonderful way to bring warmth and drama to your home. The key word here is room not rooms. Too much of a good thing is too much.

Here are some ideal places to paint with red.

This master bathroom had a white marble floor with small black diamond shaped tiles. No other color was used in the room. We had a blank canvas and could choose any color. The owner had this wonderful Persian rug that became the focal point of the bathroom. We decided to go with that red color and glazed the room a rich Chinese red. To achieve that effect the background color was Benjamin Moore 2093-30 Colonial Brick (Aquavelvet) with a glaze of Benjamin Moore 2085-10 Arroyo Red (Satin Impervo) over it.

In the master bedroom above the walls were painted Benjamin Moore 2083-10 Raisin Torte, which is a dark cranberry color. We decided to glaze only the wall behind the bed to add depth and interest to the room. We started with a deep gold color for the background Benjamin Moore 1105 Maple Syrup and glazed it with a custom color that was the deepest cranberry we could make. The result was fantastic. The red envelopes you and makes you want to get into bed and stay there.

In this contemporary bathroom the red stripes painted with Benjamin Moore 2004-10 Deep Rose were glazed over with black to add a wonderful texture and richness to the stripe. Then the stripe was covered with a satin finish polyurethane. This room is so dramatic and visually stimulating. What makes it so special are the horizontal stripes, the very wide width of the stripes, and the fact that they are red. How different and bold.