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Purple Master Bath

Aug 25, 20150 CommentsBathrooms, Case Studies

How did we come up with a purple master bath?

This was a new house construction. It was a large traditional house. We chose colors for most of the rooms  that were soft and subtle with a good flow from room to room. When we came to the master bedroom suite we continued choosing colors that were muted and soft, colors that went beautifully with the carpeting and bedding. But when we came to the master bath the client wanted something different, something that would stand out but not knock you out. She felt that this was her private oasis and we could leave the “traditional” feel of the rest of the house in this room. I agreed.

The tiles on the walls and floor were gray and white marble. The fixtures were white. Almost any color would do well in this room. So I asked the client what her favorite color was. Without hesitation she said, “Purple”. She then added that she wasn’t sure that her husband liked purple, too. So I suggested we find a purple that would compliment the gray and white and bring it out. If we added enough gray to the purple we could find a great color that would please both husband and wife.

We chose Sherwin Williams 6550 Mythical and everyone was pleased.

sherwin williams 6550

Here are two views of the finished room.

master bath in purple

master Bath in Purple

The room has sophistication and subtlety but also says, “Look at me, I’m purple.”

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