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Abstract Geometric Art in Chelsea

Jun 03, 20150 Commentsblog

I went to check out some Chelsea galleries yesterday and saw lots of abstract geometric art. I don’t know if it was just coincidental or a trend but three artists stood out as being exceptional.

The first is one of the most venerated artists, painters, sculptors, and print makers, Ellsworth Kelly. Matthew Marks’ 4 galleries in Chelsea are all showing recent work. Considering that Kelly is 92 that is quite an achievement.

Ellsworth Kelly

ellsworth kellyEllswork Kelly Installation






Each piece is quite large and because of their simplicity draws you to them. The installation in the gallery spaces is superb. I am always astonished at his ability to continue using the same colors and shapes over and over with infinite variety and interest.

The other two artists I am mentioning are young and not as well known. The first is Patrick Wilson born in California in 1970. He uses squares and rectangles to create these works. When you walk in the gallery you think you are seeing simple geometric abstractions with not much going on.  However, at closer look you see many layers of of paint and technique. Overall, you get the impression that you are looking through windows upon windows upon windows. So there is a lot of depth. The subtle changes in color and paint application build up on the canvas and create a glow that vibrates. His art can be seen at Ameringer Mcenery Yohe Gallery.

Patrick Wilsonpatrick wilson







The last artist is Michael Zelehoski who uses discarded wood from packing crates, barricades, and things you normally would ignore and not look twice at. He takes these 3 dimensional objects and using their surfaces creates 2 dimensional pictures that are meticulously constructed. The  exhibition can be seen at Mike Weiss Gallery.

michael ZelehoskiMichael Zelehoski





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