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Tunisian Synagogue in Acre Israel

Apr 21, 20150 Commentsblog

On our recent trip we visited a Tunisian Synagogue in Acre, Israel that we had never seen before. Acre is known for its Old City with antiquities dating from the crusader period. But we discovered a “modern” Tunisian Synagogue called Or Torah in the new part of the city. It was built in 1955.

What makes this synagogue so special is that it is covered with small mosaic tiles from ceiling to floor to walls. Every inch is covered on several floors including the stairwells. The pictures depict bible stories, maps, zodiacs, flora and fauna, holiday rituals, and what seems like the entire history of the Jewish people and Israel.

The scale and scope of the work was astonishing. How it was accomplished is a mystery to me and I have no idea how long or how many artisans worked on this project. I have chosen several photos to show what it was like. This was the floor in the women’s gallery. This area  really appealed to me because of the subtle color scheme and flowing composition. I wouldn’t mind a room that uses these soft blues and greens with the complimentary rusts and oranges.

To learn more about this synagogue click here.

floor mosaic synagogue Acre

floor mosaic synagogue Acre

The stairwells in particular fascinated me because of what appeared to be abstract designs. Here is one of my favorites. The strong red/brown against the light beige with blue/gray accents was beautiful.

wall mosaic in stairwell synagogue Acre

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