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Making a Screened Porch Inviting

Jul 29, 20150 CommentsCase Studies, Exteriors

A client called me to help choose colors for a screened porch she was remodeling and painting to make it more inviting and more harmonious with the rest of the house. The porch came off of an open dining room/kitchen  with glass doors on one entire wall. The ceiling was a beamed wood ceiling and the client hated the closed in dark feeling the beams created. She investigated how to get rid of the beams without damaging the structure.

Before porch ceiling

The first order of business was to structurally remove the beams and open the space so that the skylights could do their job and bring in light. That was stage one of the remodeling.

Before screened porch stage 2

Stage two was to add windows in the triangular space above the screen doors. Architecturally it was the perfect move to compliment the line of the space.

Now on to choosing the right color to paint the space. The trim used throughout the exterior of the house including the doors leading from the porch to the house and the screens themselves were a putty color. That was a given that could not be changed. We thought a clean white would be the right way to go. The client was going to use white patio furniture with colorful accents in the room and white would be a perfect background. It also looked great coming off of the dining room/kitchen as a continuation of the indoor space leading to the outdoor space.


After Screened Porch 1

After Screened Porch 2

After Screened Porch

The client is thrilled with this sleek, modern, clean porch she uses for entertaining. there is a great flow from one room to the next throughout the house and this screened porch just echoes that. The porch is extremely inviting and welcomes its guests.