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A Subtle Change Makes A Big Difference

My client was the owner of a townhouse that needed repainting. The house was furnished tastefully but did not receive much natural light. My client felt that we could change the wall colors to achieve a warmer lighter feel. I agreed.

The kitchen had been painted a beige color that gave off a green tinge and made the room feel cold. You know that feeling that harsh florescent lighting gives? That was the feeling this room had even though there were no florescent lights.


Instead we chose Benjamin Moore AF380 Coastal Path. It is a rich warm beige without any green. We painted the kitchen this color and continued it into the entrance hall, which was open to the kitchen. We also painted one very tall wall in the stairway hall that extended to the height of the entire townhouse.

The rest of the house including the living and dining rooms as well as the stairway walls not painted with Coastal Path was painted with Benjamin Moore AF315 Jicama. It is a light soft yellow golden beige that looks great with the Coastal Path. The majority of the house is painted with Jicama and the accent is painted in the kitchen and one wall in the hall. This gives a nice subtle contrast between spaces. In the living room there was a small wall with a fireplace. As an added accent color we painted Benjamin Moore AF285 Moroccan Spice on this small wall.










This neutral palette of two colors works together beautifully and is soft and subtle. We didn’t change the look of this townhouse drastically but the changes we did made a big difference to lighten up a dark space and bring warmth and depth to it.

af315 af380