Freshen the Look of an Old Bathroom

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The main floor had a powder room with yellow tiles halfway up the wall, a light blue tile floor, and a blue toilet. The clients were not going to remodel at this point but wanted a clean fresh look.  We did, however, change the old blue toilet to a new white one which made a big difference and improved the look of the room.  The client liked the idea of using wallpaper. I wanted something cheery that had lots of color that would compliment the yellow and blue tiles. We chose a [...]

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A Color Palette For a New House (Part IV) More Bathrooms

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The house I have been discussing has three full baths. I showed the master bath in the last blog. Now I want to talk about the guest bathroom on the first floor and another bathroom on the second floor. The guest bathroom can be entered from the main hallway or through the guest room. From the hallway you can also enter the laundry room which is adjacent to the bathroom. The same floor tiles were used in both rooms so we decided to paint them the same color. Deep Rich Brown [...]

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Shades of Grey for Powder Rooms and Baths

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Three different clients and three different bathrooms. Each required a different approach. Yet we used grey in each one. From a deep charcoal grey to a taupe grey to a very light grey this neutral color in thousands of shades is most versatile. The first bathroom was part of a master bedroom suite. The tiles were a light neutral color without much character. The vanity was a cherry wood with a deep granite countertop. We decided to accent that deep granite color by choosing a charcoal grey for the walls. Now the [...]

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When Choosing White is the Right Choice

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I recently consulted with a client who was painting her whole house. The house was a beautiful older Colonial that they would eventually remodel and build an addition to. But right now they just wanted to paint and freshen things up. One bathroom and a powder room were original to the house. They were old but in excellent condition. For now painting was the only option. The bathroom had grey tiles with black trim. The powder room had blue tiles with white trim. The toilets, sinks, and bathtub were white. […]

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The Perfect Grey for the Bathroom

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  Medium Gray Walls in Bathroom A client called me for a color consultation to help choose a color for the new bathroom they had just remodeled. She wanted the color to be grey, but couldn’t find the right grey. The little glass tiles that were a border around the room had lots of blue in it when you looked close. She was looking at blue greys which just weren’t right. I felt that choosing a simple grey with almost no blue cast would be the right way to go. [...]

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Painting with Red, Glazing with Red

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Now that’s a scary thought. Actually, painting a room red can be a wonderful way to bring warmth and drama to your home. The key word here is room not rooms. Too much of a good thing is too much. Here are some ideal places to paint with red.   Painted Red Glaze in Bathroom This master bathroom had a white marble floor with small black diamond shaped tiles. No other color was used in the room. We had a blank canvas and could choose any color. The owner had [...]

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